Our company have been active in areas of enclosure cooler production, air conditioning,
and technical support for renowned companies since 1984. Through the years, customer
satisfaction has been our primary principle. We would like to express that Panofer is an
innovative company open to new ideas besides its years of experienceand shows effort
for meeting the demand of its customersat its best.
Enclosure coolersshow a wide variety in terms of application areas.It is used for several
machines utilized in textile, pharmaceutical, automotive industries. Especiallymotor
controlling units produced for several purposes, automation units, CNC machines,
elevator systems, outdoor screens etc.
All products are completely designed by our team and can be customized upon request
and requirements. Materials and equipments used in production, are provided from high-
quality brands in the market.That provides stability and longer life for cooler and,
therefore, your machine.

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